Immersion Workshop

Do These Sound Familiar?

I wish I knew what the buyer was thinking

We are unique, but our clients see us as a commodity – every deals seems to come down to price

We feel like we give away a ton of free consulting during the sales process

Become Outrageously Successful Targeting and Winning Business

The Upside-Down Selling system is a step-by-step, integrity-based system to shorten sales cycles, grow average deal size, and accelerate finding the truth in complex selling situations.

Upside-Down Selling Discover 5 Things that Grow Revenue:

  1. Why buyers buy, and how to ensure our message does not fall on deaf ears
  2. Which opportunities are ripe for the picking, and which ones are rotten
  3. How to minimize time and money wasted on deals that will never happen
  4. How to reverse the buyer-seller dynamic
  5. How to compete against large, small, and incumbent vendors

What if you could spend less and close more business? Upside-Down Selling gives you the system, skills, practical exercises, and hands-on support to sharpen your focus and know which prospects have earned your attention, and which ones have not. You just might realize life-changing results.

It’s Pre-Season Training for Revenue

Just like top athletes, top executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals attend “spring training” each year to hone their skills. Goal oriented professionals constantly take their game to the next level. Most of our clients have already realized some success – Ian helps you become outrageously successful targeting and winning business.

Practice Makes Permanent

Reinforcement is critical for success. Practice makes permanent. Sticking to that principle, the Upside-Down Selling class is one part of the program.  Upside-Down Selling attendees also receive one follow-up session scheduled about a month after the Immersion program to discuss what is and is not working, and reinforce key concepts. Participants also have the option to enroll in  follow-on activity and interaction to reinforce concepts, address challenges, and deliver results. It takes extra time and effort from each of us, but it is worth the investment of our time to become outrageously successful targeting and winning business.

Discover How To:

  • Reverse the buyer-seller dynamic
  • Earn your better than fair share of referrals
  • Increase average deal size
  • Improve win-rates
  • Stop giving free consulting

Who Should Attend

  • Executives of products or service companies
  • Professional services firm leaders
  • Non-salespeople who want to boost their value

Agenda (we adjust based on participant input)

  • Understand how times have changed, and why previous methods do not work
  • Uncover how to stand out from the competition – Your new message to prospects
  • Define a step-by-step repeatable process to accelerate buying decisions
  • Discover how to avoid deals that result in a non-decision
  • Pinpoint the steps you can take to focus on value and not price
  • Learn how to be earn your role as a trusted advisor to your prospects
  • How to address competition and incumbent vendors
  • TRUE account targeting
  • Upside-Down Selling Tactics to keep your conversations on track

Registration Information

Investment: $1,297 per student or $1097 if you register early Special TEAM offer: Send 3 or more people, and pay just $667 per person (that’s like 3 for the price of 2) Breakfast and Lunch included. Please let us know any special dietary requirements such as “my doctor says I have to eat lobster at lunch…”  (You can ask) Register Now

Register now for the April 3rd Workshop

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