Strategic Guidance

Strategic Guidance

Flip traditional sales on its head to become outrageously successful targeting and winning business. Discover how Ian’s strategic guidance will help you produce more revenue from fewer opportunities.

Organizations reach out to Ian as a strategic advisor when they struggle to achieve their growth objectives. They may realize they have not made effective use of their non-salespeople to expand business, may feel that they are discounting too much, or might be chasing too many deals that will never turn into profitable business. In some cases, companies may realize that though they are growing, they are not growing strategically. Ian works with a select few companies each quarter to define, design, and execute strategies with their teams to become outrageously successful targeting and winning business.

Ian leverages research from his two bestselling books and his vast experience to help his clients accelerate growth, avoid adversarial traps, and enhance shareholder value. Along the way, you might even enjoy yourself.

How does it work?

Ian works with your team in a structured manner to ensure that your team “owns” a message that resonates with your target audiences. You will collaborate to focus on the right targets, with a message that does not fall on deaf ears, and an integrity-based sales approach that allows your team to shorten the sales cycle and focus on value over price.

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